Archives for March 2013

Sitting here, reading this blog, what is YOUR posture like?

 Hmmm, did that suddenly make you sit up-right in your chair, relax your shoulders, pull your head back a little? If you did, you are not alone! There are too many people today in this technological age that are slowly seeing their posture deteriorate before their very own eyes. There are those who are forced […]

There are 4 reasons why you are overweight!

Now which ones may be your problem? Perhaps all of them? Well, we need to do a little Sherlock Holmes investigation to get your answers. Once we know which areas that aren’t quite up to par, we will then have some ammunition to get you on the right path to your ideal body. Now isn’t […]

I Have Vitality & Am Pain Free For the First Time in Years!

You’ve got to train with Jodie, she’ll change your life! For the first time in years I can actually get back into my Glider and be pain free for the entire flight! We have rehabilitated many of my injuries, I move great, I feel fantastic and I have a renewed sense of vitality. I am […]

Overweight & Diabetes No Longer! Now I Look & Feel Great!

My Life has changed for the better after I met Jodie Hopkins. Before this I was a mess. Overweight, trouble with joints and injuries and worst of all, out of control Diabetes. I joined a gym, and lucky for me there was Jodie. She is dedicated to her clients. Her knowledge, easy manner and great […]