Day 2: Berry Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Day 2:

Berry Smoothieimages-68

I use a Rocket or Bullet Blender. And use Organic ingredients.

– Fresh or frozen mixed berries (handful)

– Filtered water

– 1 dessert spoon Chia seeds or 2 tspn Flax seed powder or another Fibre choice.

– 3 scoops of Protein Powder

– 1 Tspn Flax seed oil

– (optional Greens powder &/or Acai Powder)

– (optional nut milk or yoghurt, preferably organic, goat and plain)

– (optional banana added)

Read ‘Smoothies Ideas & Nutritional Back-ground’ Blog for the break down on how to have yourself a whole food smoothie. And look out for my 7 days of smoothie ideas.

Yummo. Enjoy!


Jodie Hopkins

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