Easy Full Body Home Workouts with Hardly Any Equipment

Home Workouts – Easy Peasy!
#1 – Full Body Functional Strengthening  medicine-ball_2723_800x700

Ok, so not everyone has the time, desire or extra cash to do workouts in a gym.
Especially a lot of my exercise rehab clients, who want to get better in the convenience of their own home and best maximise their tight schedules.

After all, who isn’t busy these days?
So a little time efficiency goes a long way.
It’s all about training smart, rather than just training hard!

To train at home, either in a dynamic full-body way, or for exercise rehabilitation, you don’t really need that much equipment. However, you do need a bit of imagination or a well planned program to follow, to make it work.

So today it was a bit wet and windy, being smack in the middle of the Aussie winter. I decided it wasn’t the most ideal day to train outside and instead found a small area inside at home. I don’t always need a lot of space to get a good workout.

So what equipment will do the trick? To get me pumped and kick my ass?
Easy – My trusty 5kg Medicine Ball, a hand-held small 2.5 kg Theraband weighted ball, and my floor mat. That’s it!

I got these gems of equipment from Optomo.com.au, which is a pretty cool online retailer of fitness equipment, as well as of therapeutic and sports medicine equipment and accessories. Their prices are totally reasonable and their postage isn’t through the roof like some other website companies I’ve come across. The thing is, some of this equipment, or it’s quality, isn’t hugely available in normal sporting or department stores. So I often tell my clients to look at this site to get a foam roller to do their spine mobilisation and to improve their posture, or to get some equipment for their home so they can follow religiously the plan I’ve made up for them  😀

Here’s the link for the equipment I used: https://www.optomo.com.au

Hmm… Now how did I use these med balls and mat to my advantage?

theraband-weighted-ball_2993_800x700Well, I did a bunch of moves for all the body parts pretty much.
In this workout, I did 1 min intervals of an exercise, then just kept changing up the exercise, for 30 minutes. So I did 25 different moves with 5 minutes of rest!
Which looked like: 5 exercises for 1 min each, then 1 min break. I did this 5 times. Again, changing up the move each time.

Posture, form and technique is paramount to me! So if you’re not sure about yours when your training at home? Please use a mirror to look out for alignment issues, or more importantly get someone like me to show you how to do things right from the beginning. If you learn the basics on how to move your body with good posture, alignment and muscle recruitment, you will avoid reinforcing the faulty movement patterns and poor posture, that you may have created over years, and not even be a aware of?

I cranked my iPod, stood in front of a mirror, and started my workout!
Not to perve, but to watch my body positions and see if I was cheating when the more I fatigued?

Every move I did, had me holding my med ball, throwing it, pushing it, pulling it, curling it, leaning on it, heel tapping it, star jumping with it, side lunging with it, squatting with it, sprinting back and forth to tag it…you name it, I was using it to pump my heart and make me stronger! Throwing in some 1 leg balance exercises, always makes my Nervous System happy, and improves my Proprioception too.

I laid on the mat, kneeled on it, sat on it… all while using the med ball and my own body weight!  8266-Physio2Go-Exercise-Mat-1_2023_800x700
The small weighted ball, I find is a total treat for rehab’ing and strengthening the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder, which are invariably weak in a lot of individuals. It’s also great for making the whole arm and hand much stronger too. So I threw in a couple exercises using this small but squishy ball too.

So there you have it. Easy, fast and efficient. Plus cheap!
So no excuses now 😀  haha

Enjoy your day!


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