‘Everyday Nutritional Mistakes Making You Fat’ e-book now Published online!

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The Hopkins Times – claims this International Best-Seller eBook as…


“A Must-Read!”

“Worthwhile of your time!”

“Do your self a favour and read this book, it will change your life!

“Only $2.99? Wow, what a bargain! That’s less than my coffee today”



My eBook is PUBLISHED and has been released out into this world!

‘Everyday Nutritional Mistakes Making You Fat’ eBook by Jodie Hopkins, BSc.

Oooh, this is terribly exciting for me 🙂

The time has come, that I ask for your support with action now. You know with that whole Best-Seller Status that I am aiming for and to sell 5,000 copies this week? Well, today that goal starts. And now I ask for you to act in a swift gazelle-like manner (haha) to buy my thought-provoking eBook this week. And also please to share, share, and ask, ask, as many of your friends, family and work colleagues to also do the same!

I asked a Nurse who is known for her quick and knowledgable reactions working in the Trauma and Emergency Ward of the hospital she works at, “What made her interested to buy my eBook?” She claimed, “health is always of my utmost priority, and I could see just from what I read in the ‘Introduction’ that I knew this would be different from all the normal diet and health books out there. I was actually shocked with what I read on how foods are made and how they affect me and my family, when we consume them. I am definitely clearer on what I purchase now and in the future!”


Ok so now what to do?

Here is a multiple choice for you first….

a) Buy yourself a copy, and share it with all your social media and email friends, and ask them to do the same.

b) Buy a bunch of copies (using your friends/family/staff emails) and give them to important people in your lives. We all know people in our lives that will benefit from some healthier choices, or those who like to read about this stuff!

c) All of the above (to help me get it out there in the world)

d) None of the above (hopefully not this one) hee hee  😉 IMG_5082


Here are your steps…

Go to my Website – ‘Your Life Your Body’ for specific instructions in the ‘Products’ section.

Here is the link: https://yourlifeyourbody.com.au

It will tell you all 14 of the eBook Retailers you can purchase from, and other relevant info.

Alternatively, you can go straight to Amazon or open your iBooks. Here is the link to Amazon: http://amazon.com

Complete transaction.

Then share.

You can write a review if you like, on where you purchased the book or on my web or social media sites (Your Life Your Body – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

You have 1 week to act.

However, it will still be available for purchase after this time, if others are still interested later!

Enjoy your reading!

Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Jodie  😀

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