Unique Boxing & Fitness Class Program in Claremont, Perth

Finding normal aerobics classes a little boring and repetitive lately?

Or doing the same-same stuff in outdoor boot camps, that you might also find uncomfortable in certain weather conditions?images-48

Well training in a group fitness class scenario doesn’t always have to be this way!

Join Perth’s only unique and expertly run fitness classes – FFF Program! The Full Functional Fitness Program.

–        Designed to challenge your body to improve all parts of your fitness and to bring a level of strength and high quality movement patterns into your body, that translates into all areas of your life.

–        To bring about a surplus of energy into your days above and beyond what your job & family life demands of you.

–        Lose body fat with enjoyable training sessions.

This is a 3 x week class, within each month, that is instructed by an Exercise Physiologist, myself of course haha – Jodie Hopkins.

–        Each session per week is a different type of training session.

–        You will learn how to properly do boxing drills on a heavy bag & learn kick-boxing moves.

–         You will use a range of fitness equipment, and master dynamic full-body training moves.

–        Your heart will get a good workout!

–        You’ll bring on fatloss!

–        You will learn to eat better and healthier!

–        Plus you will learn to skip like a pro! 

I not only give you constant feedback on your posture and moves throughout the classes, but also give you professional instruction initially, on how to perform all the moves, so that you get the safest and best results for your body. Something that you will agree, is lacking in most class sessions! Plus, the program is designed to give you ‘functional strength and posture’, which will improve how your body moves, feels and looks, for everything in life that you’d love to do.

Receiving my eating plan will only be the beginning too, as we often discuss nutrition details whilst in training sessions. All my members have vastly improved their knowledge on good eating habits and wholesome nutrition for their own bodies.

–        Imagine committing to a regular program and seeing the results over the weeks, as your body gets stronger, your posture improves, pain disappears, you lose fat off your body, your balance improves, and you feel empowered with a deep confidence and strength coming from within!

–        Imagine being an inspiration to your friends, co-workers and family.

–        You’ll look forward to each class session, because the social comradarie is fantastic.

–        Plus the sessions are varied to zero-in on all the fitness areas that you’d love to improve!                                                           Such as: full body strength, true core strength, balance, speed, power, improved posture, heart pumping fitness, body toning, flexibility, metabolism boosting, fat burning & correct body movement patterns.

 Don’t worry though! If you are new to training or a bit weak from letting yourself ‘go’ a little bit…. No problem! Everyone works at their own pace,  and you can use different weight equipment that’s more suitable. Besides, everyone there knows what it like to start out, so you will get lots of encouragement. Plus I’m an Exercise Physiologist, so I want you to build a good foundation and then progress from there. I am not interested in giving you the hardest session ever, just a great challenging one, that you can perform well! The small-size classes work a treat too! This also enables me to keep a good eye on all of you, to make sure you’re performing the moves perfectly, and that you’re challenging yourself appropriately. But most of all, these classes are fun! they are chocked full of laughs, are social, and sometimes we just bust out some dance moves to a groovy song, just for the hell of it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Join us, bring a friend. Do something purely for yourself! Be pro-active in your quality of life. You will gain more than you invest!

 “A healthy body is a gift to yourself!”

 Hear from you soon… 😀

Jodie Hopkins

 CALL: 0402 400 460

2 Lapsley Rd, Claremont PCYC, Claremont, WA.  (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays – am class at 9.30 and pm class at 6.00)

At only $50 a week for 3 small-group sessions, spaces remain limited! So get in quick! You can’t afford NOT to join.

 Please refer to ‘FFF Program’ in my website for more details at: yourlifeyourbody.com.au

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