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#2 – Posture Management    

  Hey you know how in my last blog, I told you how easy it is to do a functional workout at home, with very little equipment? Well, posture training and spinal alignment is just as easy to do at home too! Actually it’s much more convenient, as postural training should be done much more regularly, and in some instances be done daily, to make the necessary improvements.

You see, postural muscle fibres are different in make up and abilities, as compared to skeletal body muscles, which gives us our tone, bulk & are dynamic in nature. They have different functions in the body, so it’s not surprising that their characteristics are different.

Postural training – can be done daily, is slower, is more ‘stability in the joints’ based, will take longer to perform each exercise, and might not really give you that pump or euphoric feeling you might be looking for within a workout? It’s not it’s job to. Your postural muscles have to work 24/7, so if you exhaust them in a workout like what squats might do to your thighs, then you will have a big problem. They have to hold your spine, your neck, support your joints… even after the workout. So the training for postural muscles or injured muscles will always have it’s own specific way to get results. It can still be hard, don’t get me wrong. It just won’t be explosive, dynamic or exhausting.

Again, I have home equipment that I have bought from, which I mentioned is a pretty cool online retailer of fitness equipment, as well as of therapeutic and sports medicine equipment and accessories. As their prices are totally reasonable and their postage isn’t through the roof like some other website companies I’ve come across, I buy from them. Plus their quality, is better than what is mostly available in normal sporting or department stores. So I often tell my clients to look at this site, when I ask them to purchase some equipment to do their workouts and postural training at home.

Here’s their link for the Foam Roller:

I have many many many clients come to me with alignment issues in their spines. Their postures are not what I’d call ideal. But ALL can be improved and in most cases, totally reversed! Even some of the nasty Scoliosis cases. You wouldn’t believe how many people have Scoliosis and don’t even know it. Their poor bodies are always trying to adapt and deal with the forces upon it, from not being neutral in alignment.

So a Foam Roller is a wonderful piece of apparatus to assist you in getting your spine back closer to neutral. It kinda takes the job of a Physiotherapist to ‘Mobilise’ your spine. This way you can do it for free, at home, and more regularly, so you will see better results. It is 91cm long and composed of a firm durable foam, which allows you to lay your whole spine down on it. There are a bunch of moves you can do with this roller, in order to manipulate and mobilise your spine into a better position. So what moves you do, depends upon what your postural condition is.

The foam roller can also be used for muscle and faschia massaging, or be used to make a strength exercise more unstable. This can be done by sitting, laying, kneeling, stepping onto or standing on the foam roller. It also comes in half rollers which provides you with 1 flat surface and the other rounded, to assist you in some of these exercises too.

So if you your posture is a little crooked, now you know that one part of your rehabilitation is to mobilise your spine. And the foam roller will definitely help with that!

I hope that reading this, has led you to sit up a bit straighter in your chair? Haha It usually works that way. I tell people what I do, and automatically they shift their weight more evenly and stand up a little straighter. Well, I’m fine with that, if that’s the effect it has.

Enjoy!  😀


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