Shoulder Pain and Fitness Training

I consider myself most fortunate to have met with exercise physiologist, Jodie Hopkins. I’ve had Trainers before, but they just eventually broke me down, not built me up like Jodie has.  

IMG_0515She has supported me enormously in rehabilitation after an accident 3 years ago which left me with a debilitating Medial Nerve injury, chronic pain and reduced functional ability. My training with Jodie has made major improvements in my life. The pain and restriction relieved.
Jodie has provided not only fantastic physical support but also a similar high standard of emotional and nutritional support. I am amazed at her ability to safely adapt exercises every time to meet my limitations. The state I was, I never imagined being able to do ALL the things I can now. I’m fit, strong, healthy and have movement again! Plus I’m an inspiration to others. Who would’ve thought?
She has a lively personality always with a caring attitude whom makes me laugh and makes me want to strive for more.
I look forward immensely to my weekly sessions which leave me feeling so energized.
Thank you so much Jodie!
Jenny Pinto

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