Sitting here, reading this blog, what is YOUR posture like?


 Hmmm, did that suddenly make you sit up-right in your chair, relax your shoulders, pull your head back a little? If you did, you are not alone! There are too many people today in this technological age that are slowly seeing their posture deteriorate before their very own eyes. There are those who are forced to sit in an office job daily for over 8 hours a day, and others have to or may choose to sit in front of computers and other screens for hours at a time too. Some must stand for the whole day for their occupation as well. Do you fit into one of these categories or experience your own posture-sapping situations?

When you think about it, we spend an awful amount of time sitting and laying. Picture this….

We lay around sleeping all night, and sit for breakfast, and sit to drive to work or school, sit at work or school for way too many hours, then sit for lunch, back to sitting at work, sit to drive home, sit for dinner, then sit for either TV, computer time, to read a book, or to socialize, then back to laying all night! Urgh, when you put it that way, it sounds terrible. Our poor little bodies were never designed to sit for that long! Our bodies are designed to move, then rest, move, then rest. So how much moving are you doing each day? Enough? I hope so. Your body does too! If you’re not, it definitely tells you so. Are you listening? It tells you by, changing your posture, making you tight or taut in muscles, making you weak, giving you symptoms showing that you are sick or diseased, giving you pain. It’s trying to get your attention the only way it knows how.

So what is poor posture?

It’s imbalances in your muscles and around the joints. The main reasons are: Instability, weakness & strength differences, and tightness and looseness differences. For example, something I see commonly in many individuals is a hunched forward chest-shoulders-head situation. This could be due to all kinds of reasons, but usually what the underlying problem is: tight-strong muscles in the front of the body, weak-loose muscles in the back of the body and instability in the spine and usually shoulders. Doing a multi-approach exercise program should be all you need to fix the problem. Plus of course, a little maintenance and posture reminder post-its to keep you on track & aware 😉 With my training techniques with my clients, I install a new “software program” into their brain and muscular-skeletal system…and if YOU keep it up for longer than 21 days, to make it a new habit, hey presto, you have a new posture, and a much stronger, functional moving body. Yay. No more sagging boobs or butt, gut hanging out, or sloppy walking. You will walk, sit and feel more upright, have less pain or tightness, and might even be mistaken for royalty or a model! Enjoy your new posture!

Stay tuned for driving and office/computer posture tips, in a future blog.

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