There are 4 reasons why you are overweight!

Being Overweight

Now which ones may be your problem? Perhaps all of them? Well, we need to do a little Sherlock Holmes investigation to get your answers. Once we know which areas that aren’t quite up to par, we will then have some ammunition to get you on the right path to your ideal body. Now isn’t that what You want!

Well, what are these four elusive reasons?

Exercise, Nutrition, Hormones & Thoughts/Beliefs.

So Exercise is pretty simple to work out.

I’d look at: a) what exercise activities you are doing, or not doing, b) how frequently you are doing or not doing them, c) what intensity you are doing them at, d) how long you are doing them for, e) and if they’re appropriate and fun.

Nutrition is a little bit more difficult to investigate, as some people think they’re eating good and healthily, and believe they don’t need to make many changes at all. But, alas with our commercial, convenient, media-driven appetites and lifestyles these days, it’s simple to see where some people go wrong. In fact, traditional schooled ideas of nutrition are practically prehistoric. There is loads of interesting, evidence-based information out there now, of good wholesome nutrition tips and ideas to get a healthy lean body. Now, the trick is to find out what is the most appropriate way of eating for you? And more importantly, what are YOU prepared to do, far as your nutrition and fat-loss goes? Small changes, or a whole new eating plan depends on you and what your goals are, and what you can commit to? So if nutrition is your problem, this is an area easily addressed too, like exercise.

So what about Hormones? Well, there are some ways I can work out what possible hormone imbalances you may have, due to your symptoms, plus where your body is more likely to store fat. I can prescribe certain supplements and exercise styles to fix these imbalances. However, some hormonal imbalances are out of my scope of practice. I must then in all good faith, refer you onto a Nutritional and Environmental GP, so you can get correctly diagnosed and be prescribed natural supplements or drugs to help you on your way. Then slowly but surely, this problem area will be addressed. This is a big one, as it often gets missed in most fat management programs. And then the person wonders why they’re still not losing weight with all the good changes to exercise and eating that they’ve been doing. If this is you, don’t overlook this section!

Ok, so some of you may think the next section is a little wishy-washy, but believe me it isn’t! You are your Thoughts and Beliefs. If you believe you’re never going to lose weight…you are right! Because that is what you believe. You will self perpetuate that. It’s not enough though to just think and say positive things, because it must actually resonate within you as the truth. What I mean by that is, if you are overweight and say to yourself  “I am thin” then your own soul will have conflict with what you’re saying, as deep down it knows it isn’t true. If you say for example “I am in the process of losing fat every day and feeling healthier” then your soul will agree and then on the road to fat loss you will be. This area is very involved, and I will assist my clients as much as I can, keeping them psyched all the way in their training, but there are some great practices out there to really deal with those deep issues that may hold us back.

So there you have it. Now which ones are you going to address now? Good luck on your weight management journey! For any assistance in these areas, contact me through my website.



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