To do a 12 week fat loss program or not?

images-87Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day…

TEACH a man how to fish, and he will eat for a LIFETIME!

What a simple but apt quote. I love it, because it sums up how I’d love people to look at their lives in all aspects. Applying learnt knowledge, with making a lifetime of decisions, and taking action: is what our quality of life is all about!   

Sure, you can do a 6 or 12 week fat loss program, where you’re strict with what you eat, how lean all the food is, and sticking to your exercise plans for this period of time. But then what…? If you haven’t learnt how to eat well for your ideal body shape and health for your entire lifetime, and haven’t learned how to keep movement in your life, week in, week out, how are you supposed to keep it? How is your body supposed to stay ideal? It takes work, all year round, every year of your life. Kind of like ‘weeding’. You have to keep the weeds away all year. One magic spray or program will never prevent their return. You may even yo-yo your body into attracting more ‘weeds’ to your body?

If the 12 week program has taught you skills to continue on your path for a healthy, lean, active YOU. Then that’s great. If the things you have been taught in the program can be maintained all year round, rather than just being sacrificed for the period of the program, then that is also good too. But, just so that you know. Most of these programs are based on the premise of sacrificing. Fat and sugar mostly to make it lean eating. However, we all know that can’t be maintained all year round. You need a fair amount of good fat. And some sweetness here and there isn’t an entirely bad thing. It’s how you learn to manage these foods, manage your activity levels, learn what is actually nutritious to your body and it’s cells…to really learn how to do this for the rest of your life.   

So, teach a man to effectively exercise… and he will be able to move for a lifetime.

Teach a man how to eat nutritiously… and he will grow, rebuild, be energetic, and have an ideal body for a lifetime. 

This goes for us chics too haha 

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