Whole-food Smoothies Recipes & Some Nutritional Back-ground

images-63Smoothies and vegetable juices are full of all kinds of wholesome nutritious ingredients, which adds life-force to your body, rather than zapping you of it. The ingredients are just as nature intended, with no or at least very little ‘human interference’ or ‘newly concocted’ ways. Especially when grown by yourself, or bought from an Organic source. Obviously regular store bought fruit and veggies are still ok, but given their state of soil quality and mineral depletion, it’s not the best choice, if you have other options.

If you treat your smoothie as a whole meal, for example after a workout, for breakfast or even as a dessert, then the fruit alone is not enough. You will need all 3 Macro Nutrients to be included in the drink (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates). Therefore, you will need to add in the fat & protein. With all 3 swirling & whirling in your body, the nutrients will get much better absorbed, your hormone responses to food will be more favourable, and it will be far more satiating to you for a longer period. Add in extra fibre for your GI Tract, and now we’re talking. This stuff will broom your gut like a good house-maid and more importantly will collect on the way, fat and toxins, which aids your fat-loss efforts.

Not all Fats and Proteins are made equal!

I choose a high grade Whey Powder personally. The reason is, Whey is the best at converting to Glutathione, which is a super nutrient for your Liver & all it’s detoxification, and is vital for recovery and for disease resistance. I buy Boomer’s (red) Supermix Whey Protein 99.6%, but you can buy what you like. What you are looking for is: 100% Isolate, Undenatured, No Preservatives, No Fillers, No Sweeteners, No Flavours, No Colouring, No non-whey Proteins, No Lactose, High Percentage of Protein in dry basis, Grass-Fed Herds without Herbicides & Pesticides, and not Over Processed. This will lead to maximal bioavailability and digestability. I avoid Soy Protein, and I have found that some vegetable protein powders that are fermented and sprouted (which is awesome) lack the amount of protein percentage I require to offset mixing it with other fruit and vegetables, and don’t always taste that good. Although, if you have found one you like, that is great and go with it.

I alternate my fibre choices every week, to prevent the gut from creating ‘intolerances’ to them. You are looking for 30g of fibre additionally from a fibre choice a day for optimal gut health and fat/toxin removal. I space that over the day. A teaspoon is typically 5g. So in a morning smoothie I will add 10-15g of fibre into the drink. My choices are: Ground Flax Seed Powder, soaked Chia Seeds, Mila Chia Powder, Slippery Elm Bark, Linseed Powder and Psyllium Husk.

For all its omega 3s, I pour in a teaspoon or two of Flax Seed Oil, Organic of course, as the fat will go straight to my Nervous System, and I don’t want poor-grade toxins making their way to my scarecrow brain! You could choose a pharmaceutical-grade supplement-liquid of fish oils or krill oil instead if you liked?

Now stay tuned for the next week. You will get a yummo whole-food smoothie recipe each day! I’ve chosen these smoothie ideas as they are very simple, not a load of ingredients, and fast to make, yet pack a punch of nutritional goods for your amazing body. Plus I’ve added one fresh vegie juice recipe, because I love them so much.


Jodie Hopkins

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