Day 1: Choc Banana Protein Smoothie Recipe

Day 1: Choc Banana Protein Smoothie I use a Rocket or Bullet Blender. And use Organic ingredients. – Half or full Banana – Half the cup with Almond, Nut, Hemp or Coconut Milk – Half teaspoon Cocoa Powder – A good sprinkling of Cinnamon Powder – 3 teaspoons (15 g) of Chia seeds or Mila […]

Whole-food Smoothies Recipes & Some Nutritional Back-ground

Smoothies and vegetable juices are full of all kinds of wholesome nutritious ingredients, which adds life-force to your body, rather than zapping you of it. The ingredients are just as nature intended, with no or at least very little ‘human interference’ or ‘newly concocted’ ways. Especially when grown by yourself, or bought from an Organic […]