What to Expect

Movement that matters!

We all know there are things we need to take care of in our lives, and somehow in the shuffle of it all, we forget about somebody very important – Ourselves! I do believe you simply need to make the time to take care of yourself. It needs to be planned into our schedule just like everything else, or that “failing to plan” will result in “planning to fail”, as the old expression goes. Structured or unstructured movement is an essential requirement of the body, and therefore it is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, use it or lose it also applies, in regard to bodily functions, such as balance, agility, strength, memory…The truth is, if we don’t make time now and do preventative and maintenance methods, we may find ourselves suffering from health concerns and a mediocre quality of life, and wishing that we had done something about it earlier. Our ability to contribute and perform in our lives and realize our dreams, is directly affected by our fitness levels and our willingness to take action. Be pro-active in your quality of life. You will gain more than you invest.


With your Corrective Exercise:

You will learn the fundamental building blocks for great posture and dynamic movement, and how to gain control of your health and any injuries. This will encourage long-term adherence and self management, not to mention improving your quality of life and vitality.

Take Control of Your Life!

Everyone can benefit from having a Personal Coach who will oversee their Program, monitor their progress and hold them accountable. Anyone can potter around the gym, but a dynamic plan can teach you how to train right and get those results you want more effectively. Just like anything in life: Learn the correct Foundations first, then build upon these! Get an Eating Lifestyle that feeds your body’s cells to grow & repair, then you can kiss diseases away and extra fat too!

One size does not fit all!

Corrective Exercise by an Exercise Physiologist will take into account your Fitness Goals, your Eating Habits, your Stress Load, Sleep Patterns, your Health Status, any Injuries and your Posture.  Your program can include Private Training, Semi-Private, Group Training or a combination. Rebates can be available with Medicare and Private Health Insurance Funds.

Zeroing-in on the Happiness Factor!

I believe training should make you happy! That’s what it’s all about. Feeling better about yourself. Succeeding in things you never thought were possible a year ago. Looking better. Feeling stronger, more agile,  fitter and healthier. Enjoying your workouts and actually wanting to keep active year in, year out. These things help you feel intrinsically Happier! Plus a fun workout helps, right? Where lots of laughter is set in around all the sweat and effort.

Training sessions don’t always have to be hard, boring, or repetitive! They definitely shouldn’t break you down, give you future injuries or make you release your stomach contents. I see so many clients pushed to their limits, in the name of a good hard workout, but only to see their technique and posture fly out the door, leading them to a host of possible injuries and compensations. It’s about training smart, not hard!

Your Sessions are all about YOU !